Sustainably Farmed
Quality Queens
Registered and Inspected
Helping Save The Bees
Made in America
Sustainably Farmed
Quality Queens
Registered and Inspected
Helping Save The Bees
Made in America

5 Frame Nucs

Reserve your 5 Frame Nucs

Sorry Y’all! Our nuc season is over and we are currently sold out! Please fill out our Waiting List Form for Spring 2024 and we will notify you via email when our nuc orders go live. Make sure to place your order in a timely fashion because they sell out quick! In the meantime, you can get your other hive items prepared. Such items as your Bee suit, Smoker, Hive equipment and Tools are all vital to your success in Beekeeping.

Sold Out!

Quality Local Florida Queen stock

We only choose the best queens for our hives. Sourced from trusted Florida Queen Breeders, such as Miksa Honey Farms and Indian Summer Honey Farm. We prefer Italian queens for their gentleness and top tier honey production.

Jester EZ nuc box

included with purchase

Inexpensive enough for one time use, but durable enough to last for years. The EZ Nuc has more ventilation than cardboard nucs and the bees cannot chew through them. They have a 3/4” space above and below the frames for feeding, medications and queen cages. Handholds for easy carrying, and an Easy Open/Close entrance make this box so Easy to use!



Important Information

All nucs are picked up in person at The Sweet Bee Honey Farm in Sorrento, Florida.
Pickup dates are flexible to allow for your busy schedule, and we offer Morning or Evening pickup. Hives will be closed and ready for transport upon your arrival. Our Jester Nuc boxes are perfectly designed for transporting your nuc to your apiary. they have excellent ventilation and also are fully sealable, so no bees can escape during your trip.
We guarantee a Quality hive with a newly mated queen. When the hives leave our Farm, they’ve officially become your responsibility. We cannot accept any returns of nucs, or hives. All sales are final.
Due to scheduling of our seasonal work and limited quantities of nucs, All sales are final and we cannot offer refunds. We understand that unexpected things can happen, so if an emergency is to arise, please contact us for help with your order.

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